Individualized Yoga Classes Just For YOU!


Great for clients who want to learn more about their body in motion and stretch.  Can be a great adjunct to Myofascial Release treatment giving you further tools and experience to give your body what it needs! It is also a great idea for those already feeling better and would like to focus on creating a regular self care practice that includes stretching, strengthening and self myofascial release.  Class is usually one on one but can also be for a small group (3-4). 

This is an individualized class that will include one or many of the following depending on what you need:

 Gentle and restorative/chair stretches/yoga

 Strengthening and stretching yoga

 Myofascial Stretching

 Self Myofascial Release treatment with a ball or other tools


 Breathing techniques

 Posture and alignment awareness exercises

 Help you create your own self care practice/routine

 Any other self care questions that can be addressed like sleeping positions or ergonomic sitting/standing etc.  

Sometimes it’s the smallest tweak in how you are stretching and moving your body that makes the difference.  Sometimes its a subtle understanding in how your body functions that leads to huge changes in how you feel and inspire you to continue a regular self care practice.

I am a stickler for healthy alignment and for practicing yoga and exercise in a really beneficial and safe way. It should feel good even if it is challenging.  Each person has different needs and desires. I can meet you where you are at and help you discover where you want to go.  As a dancer, yoga instructor and practitioner, a MFR therapist and Massage Therapist, I pull from many backgrounds which all come together in our individualized sessions.  

  BENEFITS of becoming more comfortable with your body in motion, stretch, and with self myofascial release:

 -Create a wonderful regular self care practice- connection with yourself=happier you!

 -Catapult your healing process.

 – Prevent further aches, pains and injuries.

 -Have tools to address future aches and pains even before visiting me in office

 -Have more awareness of your body with exercise and daily life so injury is less likely and you know your limits.

 – Keep your body limber and mobile for the long haul (there is no rule saying you have to become tight and bent over as you age).

-Have fun, breathe and take some time out for yourself!