What to Expect

First Visit

On your first visit, you will have some paperwork to fill out. Then I will do a postural assessment and we will talk about your reason for seeking treatment and your goals. Then comes treatment and after I will teach you how to treat yourself and stretch at home to help you get better quicker.

During treatment

Myofascial Release is a whole body therapy and completely unique to you! The areas of pain and tension will be treated along with other areas that are related to your symptoms.  Treating the cause as well as the symptoms is very effective.
It is normal to feel sensations in other areas of your body as one area is being treated. It is good to say what you are feeling. You will be guided into basic deep breathing to aid in relaxation of your mind and physical body.  This allows treatment to be more effective.
Every visit we will discuss what you are feeling and the results of the prior treatment. We will continually go over new self treatment techniques and stretches to do at home as needed.

After Treatment

Your body is going through profound changes as the release process continues for several days after the treatment. Therapeutic pain is a normal part of the healing process, as sometimes “good pain” is felt during treatment, this can also occur days after the treatment as the body adapts to the structural changes that have occurred. Therapeutic pain does not always occur, but can feel like soreness or a flare up of symptoms  followed by a remarkable improvement. Trapped toxins are released, therefore, increasing your water intake will help ‘flush” toxins from your body.

Enjoy all the positive changes your body is going through! Emotions are a normal part of life, and you may experience a release of emotion during and after treatment. Allow these emotions to come and play out. Suppressing them will hinder your progress.



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