Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release?


Myofascial Release, the John Barnes Method, is a  specialized bodywork that gently and effectively treats the restrictions in your body that are causing your symptoms. It is a wholistic form of bodywork that treats the cause of pain as well as the symptoms for long lasting results. It uses gentle sustained pressure into the restrictions allowing for a release. Pressure varies from light to deep depending on what your body needs.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is dense connective tissue that covers and penetrates every muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve, internal organ and cell in our body. Fascia is about 80 % of what our muscles are made of, but fascia also extends throughout the whole body.
Picture a large spider web, connecting all around. Now visualize yourself pulling on one strand of the web. Notice how the whole web gets pulled from that one strand? This is a good visual to understand fascia. Fascia is a continuous web from head to toe. Unlike a spider web, fascia is 3 dimensional throughout the whole entire body without interruption.
Healthy fascia supports the functions of the body. It maintains the body’s current form and allows us to stand upright without collapsing. It stretches and moves with our bodies while still maintaining structure and stability.

Fascial Restrictions

When Fascia gets restricted, it can cause a drag or pull through the fascial web.
That pull can cause pain and other symptoms.  Treating the restrictions that are pulling throughout the web is necessary for relief of your symptoms. Many times the symptom area has also gotten tight, but it didn’t necessarily begin there. Treating the cause and symptoms is treating the body wholistically.

Fascial Restrictions can cause:

Pain (localized and or radiating)
Lack of motion
Lack of flexibility

Ultimately this may result in a lack of functioning and living the way you desire.

A restriction is a tight, knotted, glued down or solidified area of your soft tissue. When restricted it can affect all the structures it naturally supports. Restrictions are palpable and can only be detected through touch. There are no standardized tests (x-ray, MRI, CT scan etc.) at this time to show fascial restrictions.

Fascia gets restricted from:

Acute trauma (accidents/ injuries)
Micro-trauma- repetitive use and poor posture over time

Surgery- Scar Tissue

Emotional distress and trauma

Myofascial Release techniques are effective in releasing the restrictions that are causing your pain. Myofascial release is not a protocol or systematic form of treatment.Each person is treated individually since everyone will have different areas of restriction regardless of common symptoms. Every person is unique therefore every treatment is as well. Myofascial release is truly a WHOLE body approach!

An adjunct to your Myofascial Release treatment can be an individualized Yoga class just for you! Check it out here!

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