Pregnant women

Myofascial Release can help to address the things that sometimes bother pregnant women like back and hip aches and pains as well as address the specific issues that come up for each woman as the unique individual that they are.  We go into pregnancy with our existing amazing body. We have our own flexibility/ strength/ tightness and when entering pregnancy like anything else, we can experience changes in our body unique to us.  

Throughout my pregnancy Myofascial Release was an integral part of my wellness program. It helped me greatly with swelling and aches and pains. Myofascial Self Treatment is a wonderful way to treat your own aches and pain on a regular basis at home. I teach every person to self treat and it is a joy for me to instruct pregnant women with this great tool.   

Mamas + Babies

MFR can be a great way to treat a baby and mother.  It can address issues that can affect breastfeeding, as well as Torticollis and other body imbalances in a baby.   As for Mom it can help to soothe and treat aches and pains post birth, as well as overall healing and well being. This can be especially helpful in those first few weeks after birth.  Over time, C-section scars, once healed can be released wonderfully.

Home visits are available for mamas and babies as well as in office visits.  

Home visits for Mother and Baby will combine treatment of Mom and baby as well as instructing the parents on how to use Myofascial Release and massage with their baby to further the healing process. Infant massage is also a wonderful time for bonding as well as a great way to soothe a fussy baby while applying oil or lotion on the skin. I also teach Breast Massage and Myofascial Release which can be a great addition to breastfeeding.

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