• Sun
    1:30 pmYoga Anand Ashram 152 Merrick Rd Amityville, NY 11701

    IMG_5493Let's celebrate each other and ourselves as women and exquisitely unique human beings!
    We had an amazing circle in January and look forward to the next! We will enjoy each other's company as well as do some fun things in celebration of us.
    Potluck! Bring some food or snack to share!

    Free Event- RSVP bring a friend!

  • Sun
    1:30 pmYoga Anand Ashram 152 Merrick Road Amityville

    womens circle june 2015
    Let's celebrate, share and commune in our new beginnings! The ever evolving you is something to celebrate and honor. As a new "something" begins, another "something" is let go of. We will have some gentle movement and stretching for a small portion of the circle, so wear clothing you are comfortable in. 

    FREE EVENT. All women welcome (stretching + movement is accessible to all women)

  • Sun
    3-5pmYoga Anand Ashram 152 Merrick Road Amityville, NY 11701

    Sacred Freedom Feminine

    For women who want to explore freedom.

    Freedom in their bodies, spirits, hearts and minds in a playful way.

    Let’s explore our feminine expression together in a sacred safe circle of women. As we move, vibe, dance, sway, soften, stretch, electrify and find stillness within ourselves, we have the opportunity to connect deeply with our feminine power and expression. This is a dynamic workshop that focuses on accessing freedom through movement and awareness. This is the doorway to the inner spaces of our heart, spirit and mind. Freedom comes from within which can then be expressed into the world in our own unique way.

    -Release underlying layers of tension that you might be walking around with all the time.

    -Learn to feel more comfortable and free in your body as a human being and a woman that can alter your moment to moment life experience.

    -Center yourself into a deeper connection with your inner power.

    This workshop will include:

    Gentle Yoga, Bellydance, Organic Movement and Flow, Breathing techniques, Self Myofascial Release movement techniques and awareness exercises

    Absolutely no experience necessary. Wear clothing you can easily stretch and move in and that you feel good in! Bring a yoga mat if you have one, otherwise there are mats for use. Bring a hip scarf or sarong if you desire!

    Instructor: Vanessa Uybarreta:

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release therapist, yoga instructor, dancer.

    $30 Early Bird, $35 after July 8

  • Sun
    1:30pm-3:30pmYoga Anand Ashram- 152 Merrick Rd Amityville, NY 11701

    womens circle banner

    Let’s join together and tap into the childlike side of us that loves to color with crayons and pencils and be colorful! We will have some adult coloring book pages for all of us to color together and some crayons. We also encourage you to wear something colorful that inspires you to whatever mood you want to inhabit. Here are some ideas: wear a fun hat, a scarf, a colorful shirt, or even a costume that brings out the “colorful” side that you might not always show to the world. It doesn’t have to be over the top, it can be whatever you want it to be.


    RSVP via email