Being centered has been one of the most fulfilling things to learn, or should I say relearn to do. It really is at the essence of everything I talk about, and I will explain why later on.  Being centered is a state of being that we move in and out of all the time naturally. [...]

The MAGIC of Back Bending!

The Magic of Back Bending So when you hear the word back bend, do you think of some crazy pretzel like stretch where your feet are touching your head from behind? Well that is not what I mean when I say back bend. I mean anything that bends your torso past neutral. So a back [...]

What is Meditation?

If you don’t already know, I teach a Gentle Yoga class once a week and have been practicing yoga for a long time.  Meditation can sound scary and I want to demystify it for you. Meditation is a way to focus and essentially quite your mind. The benefits are endless: Mental clarity Being more present [...]