The first video has my easy tips to shovel snow better. There is a basic body positions that most people tend to fall into while lifting which causes strain.  Good thing is, there is an easy fix! The second video is a brief warm up that you can do before shoveling.  Snow shoveling is an [...]

 Going Deeper into Yoga Asanas (postures) Workshop May 11th 2013 Saturday 1:30pm Let's dive in together, as we experience deeper ways to practice asanas. Learn how to use yoga postures in many ways to create openness, flexibility, strength and release through your body ultimately enhancing how you feel all the time. Enhance your body awareness, [...]

Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga

Here is a gentle chair yoga sequence. This can be great for not just those that sit a lot during the day, but also for those who feel unsteady and unstable doing any type of stretching standing. As always, listen to your body. Moves slowly and gently through the postures. You should be going for [...]

Yoga Alignment, Modifications and Props workshop is on Saturday April 13th 2013 at 1:30pm Allowing you to feel your best in Yoga postures You will gain knowledge of universal body alignment principles, modifications, and the use of props to feel your personal best in yoga postures regardless of flexibility level, limitations or injuries.  Several common [...]

Walking Meditation

Step, Step, Step You know what's a great way to meditate?  Walking outside! Did you know that meditation can be done anytime anywhere? It doesn’t have to be seated... or in one specific way. Meditation is just creating a mental FOCUS. It is a practice because a lot of times when we start to focus [...]

Yoga Sun Salutation

There are many variations to the Sun Salutation. What I like about it is that it gives a nice group of well rounded postures and can be modified for anyone. Here, I move through a basic version, and talk about the alignment points.  Focus on how you feel in each posture. There is no ideal [...]

Gentle Yoga for your Torso

SO here is my first video! I have wanted to create videos for a while and it's finally happening! I have a lot of ideas for future videos, and I would also love feedback from you all. This is a basic quick gentle yoga sequence focused on the torso. Remember that each person is different. [...]

Spring is the time to Detox!

Spring is an ideal time of year for it, in my opinion because: It is a transitional season and many of us feel the energy of change, hence “spring cleaning”.   It is a desire to get rid of things that are cluttering up your home, and bring new things in. This can translate to “getting [...]