Self Care

Gentle Yoga for your Torso

SO here is my first video! I have wanted to create videos for a while and it's finally happening! I have a lot of ideas for future videos, and I would also love feedback from you all. This is a basic quick gentle yoga sequence focused on the torso. Remember that each person is different. [...]

Nourish Your Creativity

I know through our day to day lives it can be easy for our creative outlets to fall to the wayside.  I know that I usually need to schedule a little time for my creative endeavors. It really nourishes my soul. I look at scheduling things like this (as well as the boring stuff) as [...]

Well Being Gauge

When you feel off, you’re off. When something feels “not good” for you, it isn’t at that moment.   When something feel “right” it’s right. What is your well being gauge telling you right now? Tune in to your well being gauge.....and ask what you need......

Music can create a Sanctuary

If you have been in to my office, you know that I make the best effort to create a space of peacefulness and relaxation, which can aid in your ability to relax deeply so that treatment is more effective. If you haven’t been in to see me, then take my word for it! I am [...]

Being centered has been one of the most fulfilling things to learn, or should I say relearn to do. It really is at the essence of everything I talk about, and I will explain why later on.  Being centered is a state of being that we move in and out of all the time naturally. [...]

Hydrate your fluid self!

I was assisting at a Myofascial Release seminar this past weekend and the teacher (Scott) said something that I want to pass along. You  should drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink approximately 100 ounces of water daily. This will vary [...]

Are you burned out?

Are you Burned out? Do you feel burned? No I don’t mean sunburned. I mean Burned out!  know I talk a lot about self care and wholistic living, and maybe you are wondering why I am so passionate about it....Well one big reason is that I used to be the queen of BURNOUT! I cycled [...]

So easy anyone can do it!

5 minutes or less of meditation- set your alarm on your cell phone- morning, at lunch, or evening 5-10 minute walk - maybe on a lunch break- nature time, light exercise and deep breathing yellow ball self treatment- while doing work at a desk, right before bed, 10 minutes or less call a friend that [...]

There is ALWAYS something else

ALWAYS. Just a gentle reminder that there is ALWAYS something else to do. ALWAYS something else to finish, start, remember, schedule.....ALWAYS. So that means don’t wait to have everything finished to : Start taking care of yourself the way you would like Do the things that you are passionate about but feel you don’t have [...]

Do you take care of yourself?

How often do you feel depleted? Wrung out like a wet rag? Life moves fast and sometimes we become the last item on our "to do" list (or not on it at all). Self-care is a basic necessity, and by self-care I don't mean just brushing your teeth. That's more self-maintenance.  Self-care, means ways in [...]