Self Care

I know how busy it can get. I know how frazzled things can feel. I know how frustrating those moments are when you feel you have lost your grounding, your center. I know that everyone has felt this way before probably many times. I also know how helpful certain activities and rituals can be to [...]

Kick up your Heels and…….

Have fun! Isn’t that part of why we're here? Do it for yourself, your well being, and for the others in your life! 3 reasons to kick up your heels... Kick up your heels and: Dance Laugh skip soak it all in swim leisurely stroll have a snack take a nap go on a picnic [...]

Are you Holding on?

I know you probably have. Our mental stress can create tightness and tension in our body. Our mind and our body function as one. So sometimes it can be easier to soften your body to allow your mind to let go of thoughts of stress and running around. Try this exercise. Close your eyes and [...]

How are you?

So I want to know how are you doing? How are you feeling? What are you up to? Are you taking care of yourself?   Guess where this picture was taken by yours truly? How does this picture feel to you?

I was treating a client a while back, and she was feeling some tenderness and slight pain in the area I was treating. She was also feeling sensations in other areas of her body including the symptom area (even though my hands weren’t there). She told me what she was feeling and asked: It can [...]