Self Care

Hi Everyone! This is my first ASK VANESSA video where I talk about a few common questions that I get from clients all the time, or just topics that come up during the treatment process. I wanted to do a video in a relaxed format!  Please don't hesitate to ask me questions about health and [...]

5 Little Gems

Sometimes life just flows. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the journey isn’t it? You hear an inspiring song which touches you in a place that just busts open your inner spaces. making you feel deeper. You see something breathtaking. You see the smiling face of a loved one. Those moments are heart opening , fully embodied [...]

Self Care Equals Self Love

It isn't perfect. I say that all the time because I used to be ‘riddled with perfectionism. It’s part of the reason I emphasize that self care can be done regardless of your current life or schedule. I didn't always know that. I waited for the perfect time, and the perfect circumstances. Yet now I [...]

Is Your Workspace Hurting or Helping You?  Many people sit at a desk either for work or recreation. Since computers are such an integral part of our lives, it is only necessary to make sure you are seated in a comfortable, non-straining position. There are many ways you can adjust your workspace to fit your [...]

Our bodies know what we need. Our mind tends to think otherwise, but we can get more in-sync with our intuitive bodily wisdom. Think about it, have you ever noticed when you are in pain, your hands make their way to areas that need attention? Have you ever banged a body part and found yourself [...]

How do you make big decisions, whether it be about your health, finances, large purchases, big changes, small decisions….or anything else? As someone in the healthcare field, I sometimes speak with people who feel confused. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information out there about EVERYTHING.  Between books, friends and family, and of course [...]

Spring is a season of Change

A part of self care is the awareness of how we change. Spring a season of transition, where nature changes quickly. We all get to see the flowering trees change to green in a short period of time. We see bare trees grow leaves, we have longer and longer days and  we hear the birds [...]

An Ode to Self Love

On Valentine's Day,  a day we usually show others that we love we show the most important person love? OURSELVES! How easy it is to dish out all the slices of love pie and leave none for ourselves.  The thing is, the pie is infinite.  The pie is always FULL. There is never, not [...]

The first video has my easy tips to shovel snow better. There is a basic body positions that most people tend to fall into while lifting which causes strain.  Good thing is, there is an easy fix! The second video is a brief warm up that you can do before shoveling.  Snow shoveling is an [...]

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