Myofascial Release

Back pain, have you ever had it? Many have, funny thing is, it is rarely the same from one person to another. People experience pain and sensations differently.  Also many of my clients when asked “where do you feel it,” will point all different places and still refer to it as back pain.   Some point [...]

Our bodies know what we need. Our mind tends to think otherwise, but we can get more in-sync with our intuitive bodily wisdom. Think about it, have you ever noticed when you are in pain, your hands make their way to areas that need attention? Have you ever banged a body part and found yourself [...]

How do you make big decisions, whether it be about your health, finances, large purchases, big changes, small decisions….or anything else? As someone in the healthcare field, I sometimes speak with people who feel confused. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information out there about EVERYTHING.  Between books, friends and family, and of course [...]

Some people have heard things about Myofascial Release from friends, family and other healthcare professionals.  Sometimes the information is accurate and sometimes not.   WHY? Because there are other forms of Myofascial Release out there.  Also sometimes the word Myofascial Release is used interchangeably with deep tissue massage which is actually inaccurate. I practice the [...]

 Going Deeper into Yoga Asanas (postures) Workshop May 11th 2013 Saturday 1:30pm Let's dive in together, as we experience deeper ways to practice asanas. Learn how to use yoga postures in many ways to create openness, flexibility, strength and release through your body ultimately enhancing how you feel all the time. Enhance your body awareness, [...]

Goals and Healing

Goal setting can be a great way to create focus in your healing process. Goals are not just for healing but for any area of life. I have played around with different goal setting ways over time. Some things work for certain type goals and not for others.The thing is goals can either be inspiring [...]

Yoga Alignment, Modifications and Props workshop is on Saturday April 13th 2013 at 1:30pm Allowing you to feel your best in Yoga postures You will gain knowledge of universal body alignment principles, modifications, and the use of props to feel your personal best in yoga postures regardless of flexibility level, limitations or injuries.  Several common [...]

Preventative care, is doing things (therapies, lifestyle practices) to prevent injury and disease. What I don’t like about the word preventative, is that it is still focused on what you don’t want.....I like the word wellness.   I like the idea of doing “things” that make you feel good now but can also tell that [...]