5 Little Gems

Sometimes life just flows. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the journey isn’t it? You hear an inspiring song which touches you in a place that just busts open your inner spaces. making you feel deeper. You see something breathtaking. You see the smiling face of a loved one. Those moments are heart opening , fully embodied [...]

Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga

Here is a gentle chair yoga sequence. This can be great for not just those that sit a lot during the day, but also for those who feel unsteady and unstable doing any type of stretching standing. As always, listen to your body. Moves slowly and gently through the postures. You should be going for [...]

Being centered has been one of the most fulfilling things to learn, or should I say relearn to do. It really is at the essence of everything I talk about, and I will explain why later on.  Being centered is a state of being that we move in and out of all the time naturally. [...]

We all know how to breathe, but how often do we take a deep breath? Deep breathing has profound effects on our mental clarity, gives us more energy, and also is our direct route to relaxation.  Most of the time we are using a small amount of our lung capacity, breathing shallow into just the [...]