Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga

Here is a gentle chair yoga sequence. This can be great for not just those that sit a lot during the day, but also for those who feel unsteady and unstable doing any type of stretching standing. As always, listen to your body. Moves slowly and gently through the postures. You should be going for [...]

Yoga Alignment, Modifications and Props workshop is on Saturday April 13th 2013 at 1:30pm Allowing you to feel your best in Yoga postures You will gain knowledge of universal body alignment principles, modifications, and the use of props to feel your personal best in yoga postures regardless of flexibility level, limitations or injuries.  Several common [...]

Walking Meditation

Step, Step, Step You know what's a great way to meditate?  Walking outside! Did you know that meditation can be done anytime anywhere? It doesn’t have to be seated... or in one specific way. Meditation is just creating a mental FOCUS. It is a practice because a lot of times when we start to focus [...]

Preventative care, is doing things (therapies, lifestyle practices) to prevent injury and disease. What I don’t like about the word preventative, is that it is still focused on what you don’t want.....I like the word wellness.   I like the idea of doing “things” that make you feel good now but can also tell that [...]

I know how busy it can get. I know how frazzled things can feel. I know how frustrating those moments are when you feel you have lost your grounding, your center. I know that everyone has felt this way before probably many times. I also know how helpful certain activities and rituals can be to [...]