An Ode to Self Love

On Valentine's Day,  a day we usually show others that we love we show the most important person love? OURSELVES! How easy it is to dish out all the slices of love pie and leave none for ourselves.  The thing is, the pie is infinite.  The pie is always FULL. There is never, not [...]

The first video has my easy tips to shovel snow better. There is a basic body positions that most people tend to fall into while lifting which causes strain.  Good thing is, there is an easy fix! The second video is a brief warm up that you can do before shoveling.  Snow shoveling is an [...]

I am nuts about self care!!

I want to tell you why I like sending out emails and blog posts to all of you........ Because I really want you to have an enjoyable, healthy, happy life! Not that you aren't having an amesome life, I hope you are, but I feel so compelled to share with you what I know about [...]

We are approaching our next Holiday season after Thanksgiving. Whatever Holiday you do celebrate, I hope it is a great one. If you don’t celebrate any, then I still wish you a happy December and end of 2012 into 2013! This time of year seems to speed up for some people.  There is more scheduled [...]

What do you need?

My heart goes out to everyone still dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy.  What a crazy few weeks it has been.  I hope you are doing well. I know that stress has been high for many people. The one thing that usually happens when we get really stressed is we don’t do what [...]

 Going Deeper into Yoga Asanas (postures) Workshop May 11th 2013 Saturday 1:30pm Let's dive in together, as we experience deeper ways to practice asanas. Learn how to use yoga postures in many ways to create openness, flexibility, strength and release through your body ultimately enhancing how you feel all the time. Enhance your body awareness, [...]

Goals and Healing

Goal setting can be a great way to create focus in your healing process. Goals are not just for healing but for any area of life. I have played around with different goal setting ways over time. Some things work for certain type goals and not for others.The thing is goals can either be inspiring [...]

I hope you enjoy this short video about different sleeping positions.  Sometimes a small change or tweak can make a big difference in how you feel at night.  There isn't any one position that is best for all. Try and find what works best for you! Happy Sleep!!!     To add to your sleep, [...]