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Vanessa Uybarreta, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist Myofascial Release Therapist (Expert Level) & Yoga Instructor

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Hi I’m Vanessa Uybarreta, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Mind Body Breath Massage Therapy. I have been a Myofascial Release therapist since April of 2006. Just a few months after graduating from MT school in late 2005, I took my first MFR seminar with John Barnes and knew within minutes that I would dedicate my practice and my life to this wonderful work. It is my calling and my passion!

Myofascial Release resonated with me deeply for two core reasons. It is:

LOVING AND EMPOWERING–  It is all about empowerment and knowing we all have the infinite capacity to heal. MFR is based on facilitating your natural healing process with just the right touch, principles and help to create the conditions for healing. It is grounded in an ancient understanding of how we function as human beings as well as breakthrough science about fascia and the mind-body complex and dis-ease.  The MFR therapist never forces your body to release, only waits for the release of restrictions, therefore never injures.  

WHOLISTIC – It is completely individualized therapy and understands that we aren’t just a body, we aren’t just a mind, we are a whole entire being! We are body, mind, energy, emotions and consciousness.

Since 2006 I have attended many seminars, had the honor of assisting John at his seminars and have treated many people through the years.

I enjoy working with people and seeing their transformation from limitations in movement and pain with feelings of hopelessness, to moving and feeling better, excited about new endeavors and activity!  I love seeing the “lights go on” when someone has an insight into their healing process and body mechanics of daily activity.

I also teach a Gentle yoga class with clients in mind, for those that would enjoy and need a slower class with modifications and a focus on body awareness and a meditative mood.  I am a dancer(Tahitian, Hula and Belly dance), and enjoy performing and teaching as well. I have a wonderful husband who shares my love of MFR (he is a Therapist too).

MFR has helped me with treating my own injuries, aches and pains,  and has become an integral part of my self care practice for my well being and prevention of future injuries and trauma. It has enhanced my dance abilities and CHANGED THE WAY MY BODY FEELS ALL THE TIME. MFR was my missing link. It has deepened my relationship to myself spiritually and enhanced my life in so many ways.  

I would be honored to help you through your own healing process and discovering your body and yourself in a profound way!


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