Self Care Equals Self Love

It isn’t perfect. I say that all the time because I used to be ‘riddled with perfectionism. It’s part of the reason I emphasize that self care can be done regardless of your current life or schedule. I didn’t always know that. I waited for the perfect time, and the perfect circumstances. Yet now I know so well that a few minutes can be transformative.

 Becoming a Mom in March of this year showed me a need for self care on a whole new level.  It is so tricky isn’t it sometimes? Whether it is parenthood or something else that consumes your time, self care can get really slippery like a wet bar of soap.  The great thing is, it’s always there on the ground for us to pick up again and again.

 Self care for me, is really a mindset. It wasn’t always like that. In the beginning it was something  I needed to do because I spent so much time burned out, I knew I needed to implement something into my life that would reverse that burnout and then continue to fuel me from the inside on a regular basis.  There is a lot to be said for that pivotal moment when I burned out for the last time. but I will leave that for another conversation.


Self Care = Self Love In Practice.

 Yes soak that in.

It can simply start with choosing 5 minutes a day of something that is helpful, comforting. replenishing, calming, energizing, or anything else you might desire at the moment. All in all, it’s about feeling good. Good inside yourself.

 Over time it seeps into the inner spaces of your being.  It becomes subtle too. It becomes a caring, a kindness, a loving for yourself that maybe wasn’t always there….or maybe it was….but either way it continues to grow.  Self care can, if you want, become a practice of self love. Something that many people need because they are in some way or another stuck in “should” boxes, judging themselves against others, and feel pulled and prodded away from their grounded center.

 If self love is elusive, start with simple self care. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there.  Something that feels fun and uplifting to you. Forget about what you should be doing, just do something that you naturally gravitate to AND give it your FULL attention in the time frame you have.

 It really does start there. It is a beautiful process. It is not perfect. You will forget some days, and you will disappoint your inner perfectionist/critic.  Oh well. Continue on.

I show every person I work with how to self treat. It is these small things that make a big difference.  Change can be very fast or more mellow, yet change is always gradual, and a little bit every day continues that momentum forward towards each person’s desire for themselves.

5 minutes a day. Put it in your schedule, in your calendar.  Pick a time that works, then focus all your attention. Be fully present with your self care.  That’s it.

Self Care Tip: Listen to fun uplifting things in your car. Music, lectures, whatever makes you feel good. Give yourself what you need.


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