How to make hard decisions about your healthcare

How do you make big decisions, whether it be about your health, finances, large purchases, big changes, small decisions….or anything else?

As someone in the healthcare field, I sometimes speak with people who feel confused. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information out there about EVERYTHING.  Between books, friends and family, and of course the infinite internet, it can feel like information overload.


Also, you might speak to 5 or 6 different healthcare professionals about your health concerns and they all might say that your issues are coming from something different.  


So what DO we DO?


Do we listen to our Doctor or therapist? The newest best seller? The stats? Our closest friend? Me (wink wink)?

The answer is Yes and No to all of the above. WHY?


YES listen to them if your intuition says YES!


NO, don’t listen to them if your intuition says NO!


The ONE you should listen to first is YOU. Your gut. Your intuition. Same thing. Listen to what feels RIGHT to you.  I AM SERIOUS. The only one who knows what is absolutely best for you is YOU. You have all your own answers. There isn’t anyone who has all the information about YOU than YOU.


So if you feel a really good gut reaction from your healthcare professional and what he/she is saying go with it.
If your closest friend tells you something that feels like the information is given to you at the absolute right moment, go check it out!

If I say something that resonates with you, and you really feel right about Myofascial Release…..great.  


Point is it’s gotta sit RIGHT with you, not WRONG. You have this inner gauge that will steer you right every time if you listen to it.  There are experts in every field, and you can learn and be helped by many of them, but it’s gotta get the YES YES YES from your intuition.  


We talk about intuition all the time, but we aren’t always aware of it. For example were you ever told that when you meet the love of your life you will just ”know?” OR When you walk into your future home you will just “know.”

Sometimes I treat clients who are seeing other healthcare professionals at the same time. Once in awhile I encounter someone who is very confused and somewhat scared.  They have spoken to a lot of people about their situation and each time they get more and more overwhelmed and confused.  “What should I do?”  they ask.  My response usually includes ”What feels best for you? What resonates with you? Does the wholistic perspective of Myofascial release therapy make sense to you? If so, let’s do this, if not, chose what does.”  That question seems to get to the heart of it and the answer becomes clear to that person.  


What happens when we are confused and overwhelmed about ANY topic is that we get more and more in our head and less and less in our body.  We dull our connection with our gut feelings. Usually the tendency is to think more about it, or research more about (step away from the computer), or to talk to more people about it.  Even though being informed can be a great thing and talking things out can be a great thing also, too much of it doesn’t help.  


Here are 3 tips to making any hard decision easy


1. Information with Boundaries: Being informed is good,  but set boundaries.  Decide how long, and what you are going to read.  If it makes you upset or frustrated, time to stop at least for a little while. Monitor your intake of those comments on the bottom of an article you are reading.  If you know buying a car seems stressful, try researching is small increments. Notice your cut off, when your attention starts to wane and you feel “spent.”  


2.Take a Breath: Yes, take a couple breaths when you get stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Bring yourself back to your body. How do you feel? Does what you are reading or who you are talking to feel good? How much are you thinking about this? Stop and take a breath.


3. Recess:  Our intuition answers us when we are clear.  If you want that true answer you have to be in a more neutral space mentally about the topic to really receive a clear answer. Otherwise you are biased and not always accepting the answer. So the best way to feel more neutral, is to completely step away from it.

 Just like in school when you had recess between classes. You got to run around outside and have fun before you went back to class.  It’s refreshing and a restart.  Have some recess from your decision. This might be a few minutes or a few days. Go do something to distract yourself from all the ins and outs of your problem.  Really engage yourself in another activity whatever it is.  Go have some fun, or rest.  

You might just get your answer in the middle of your recess or when you return to the problem with fresh eyes.  When returning to the problem after a recess, the facts about the problem usually feel easy, obvious and straightforward.

That’s much better that wracking your mind for hours not really getting anywhere.  


Be patient with yourself. Sometimes your answer will be to wait and not make a decision yet. Sometimes things are still unclear. Sometimes you get your answer and hit the ground running. Whatever it is, you know best.  Trust that. 

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