How to Shovel Snow without Pain and Strain

I would love to show you how to shovel snow without pain and strain. At the least, it will greatly reduce your chances of feeling all tight and stiff afterwards.

The first video has my easy tips to shovel snow better. There is a basic body positions that most people tend to fall into while lifting which causes strain.  Good thing is, there is an easy fix!

The second video is a brief warm up that you can do before shoveling.  Snow shoveling is an exercise. Did you know that? So why wouldn’t you warm up first and get your muscles ready to do some heavy lifting?
If you have a warm up you enjoy for your regular exercise, please feel free to do that instead! This is a yoga warm up and as always listen to your body, move into your own natural range, and don’t do any posture or positioning that causes you pain. 

I hope this helps! Happy shoveling!!!!

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Vanessa Uybarreta

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