An Ode to Self Love

On Valentine’s Day,  a day we usually show others that we love them….do we show the most important person love? OURSELVES!

How easy it is to dish out all the slices of love pie and leave none for ourselves.  The thing is, the pie is infinite.  The pie is always FULL.
There is never, not even a piece missing. You serve a piece, then you look down and the pie is full.  It’s warm, steaming, glistening and beautiful. It’s a WHOLE delicious pie.

We deserve our own pie. When we eat a slice of our own love pie our exuberance and enthusiasm is contagious…..BUT wait! It’s not just about having pie so others will get something out of it.  The main thing is, the love pie soothes us. It soothes our sorrows, our pain.

The love pie makes an enemy (judgmental and mean) of ourselves, into a friend. A dear sweet companion to go through life with. 

Love pie is food that is always plentiful. It cushions our falls and lifts us up higher and higher.  When someone else says “There’s no food left!”  You say “I have my own thanks.”

Love pie nourishes you from the inside out. So that moment to moment in your life, you feel full…..Satisfied….contented. It tastes so so good, every bit..YUM…you smile.

You aren’t searching to soothe your craving through someone else’s ice cream, or drink. You aren’t starving and emaciated.  You are plump and full.

You have plenty of pie for yourself and you are gladly willing to share.


Self love can feel tricky. What I’ve discovered is that it starts with deep acceptance for where I am at. Even if I rather not be there. I can choose to make peace with where I am at. Sometimes it feels hard and sometimes easy, but the ride is so much smoother with ME on my own side.

What do you think? I want to know your perspective!

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