Why wait until your pain and tightness gets really bad?

Why wait until your pain and tightness gets really bad?

Yes why?

“Why would you want to suffer?

Why not have the best quality of life you could have?“

It’s putting off the inevitable. Maybe you think it will just go away, and sometimes it does (for a little while), but many times it doesn’t. It just tends to get worse and worse.  Many people I have treated have pain or tightness that has come and gone over and over each time worse than the last.  It flares up, it’s frustrating and annoying. Tightness over time causes a pull or drag through your body that can begin to affect other areas, creating more pain.

When it is treated earlier it takes less time to resolve. When it is a new injury it is best to get treatment sooner, if not right away, so that your body doesn’t keep tightening and bracing.  It doesn’t mean that if you have had pain for many years that there isn’t hope. Not at all. I have treated people who have had pain for most of their life and have gotten relief.   It’s just that if you take care of yourself sooner, you are likely to get back to your desired life sooner. Less suffering, less “just getting by” and less treatment needed in the long run! Which means a happier, healthier, more joyful you!

So why put off the inevitable?

Can I give you a ridiculous metaphor?

It’s like when you have to pee but you are too lazy to get up. Almost as if it’s somehow going to go away? The longer you wait, the more painful it is.  Then you finally go to the bathroom and ahhhhh the relief!!!!

Ok I said it was a little ridiculous but I think it drives the point home.

So why wait?

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