Going Deeper into Yoga Asanas Workshop

 Going Deeper into Yoga Asanas (postures) Workshop

May 11th 2013 Saturday 1:30pm

Let’s dive in together, as we experience deeper ways to practice asanas. Learn how to use yoga postures in many ways to create openness, flexibility, strength and release through your body ultimately enhancing how you feel all the time. Enhance your body awareness, and enjoy the easy flow of asanas.

-Better understanding of how yoga postures work and the many ways to use them.

-How to structure your own yoga practice perfectly for you.

-The difference between stretching, strengthening and releasing tightness and how to do it easily and effectively.

-How to create deeper releases in your body through Self Myofascial release and Gentle yoga- ultimately achieving long lasting flexibility and decrease in tension.

-Deeper understanding of the importance of breathing (pranayama) during postures.

Fee: $20 located at Yoga Anand Ashram 42 Merrick Road Amityville, NY 11701- on the second floor of the building my office is in.










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