Goals and Healing

Goals and Healing

Goal setting can be a great way to create focus in your healing process. Goals are not just for healing but for any area of life. I have played around with different goal setting ways over time. Some things work for certain type goals and not for others.The thing is goals can either be inspiring and helpful, or become a burden.

Here are a few ways to know if your goals are serving you well or not.

The bottom line is:

How does it feel to you?

Does it feel burdensome and heavy, uncomfortable, blah and just uninspiring? Do you feel like you want to avoid it right away? Time to change or modify your goal!

Does it feel exciting, light, fun, maybe a bit scary, but like it is do-able? Does it feel somewhat smooth, easy and just “right? ” You are on the right track! Listen to your gut!


Is your goal realistic? If you are receiving treatment, or you are working on a personal goal of any kind, see if it feels realistic. Do you really desire to accomplish that goal, or is it imposed from outside of you?
Each person is different. Maybe for one person, exercising an hour a day to eventually have a goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a month is realistic. For someone else, it might not be.  How does it feel? You don’t necessarily have to throw the goal away completely, but maybe modify it.  

Sometimes people I treat have an expectation of getting completely better in one treatment. As much as one treatment can make a world of difference, it really isn’t realistic.  It is about treating the cause of pain and not just the symptoms.  It is a process of treating and learning and moving through the layers to ultimately get long lasting relief.  Each person is unique and has different injuries, levels of pain and tightness, length of time in pain, and different goals. All these factors contribute to how healing will come about.

Be in the Middle:

From personal experience with goals, sometimes getting too specific can dampen the whole process. Also being too general can be ineffective in progress. It will depend on the goal.

An example can be that you want to start writing a book. You have no idea about the topic, or when you want it done, or how you would sell it…but you want to write a book! Trying to hash out every detail from start to finish might feel like a huge burden in the beginning. Maybe  a goal could be to sit down every day for 10 minutes to jot down things that excite you. Then see how the next step unfolds.

Another example is if you have a goal to “get better,” or “pain-free.”  That could be too general. What do you desire to do again when you get better? Do you want to play with your children or grandchildren in a way you can’t right now? Do you want to be able to eventually ride a bike again? Do you want to enjoy going to the beach? Do you want to…….

Change the timing or have no timing at all.

In my personal experience sometimes goals get accomplished with a time frame, and some goals can get hindered by a time frame.

For example, I want to write a blog article, like you are reading right now. If I sit down and have a half hour to hour to write it, I can really focus and not get too perfectionistic about it. It also doesn’t give me a lot of time to procrastinate.

Also there have been times when I have set too high of a goal in too short of a time and then I feel bad about not accomplishing it.  In healing, maybe saying that you want to ride a bike or walk up a flight of steps in the next two weeks isn’t something that is realistic nor supportive to your healing process….or maybe it is. This is a completely individual thing that changes from person to person and goal to goal.
If a time frame isn’t working change it, or get rid of it. See what stimulates you the most to pursue the goal. If it hinders you, then it isn’t supporting you.


Depending on the type of goal it is, scheduling time to work towards it is essential. For a healing process, you can schedule in time to self-treat (yellow ball/stretching) daily or anything else you would do to move towards your healing goal.

Maybe it is a goal of spending more time with friends. You could schedule in time to contact a friend and discuss a fun date to get together.  

Regardless of the goal…..make it work for you!  Make it feel good and in line with your true desire and it will happen with ease and might even be enjoyable along the way.

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