Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Step, Step, Step

You know what’s a great way to meditate?  Walking outside!

Did you know that meditation can be done anytime anywhere? It doesn’t have to be seated… or in one specific way.

Meditation is just creating a mental FOCUS. It is a practice because a lot of times when we start to focus our mind drifts off. Then we gently bring it back to our focal point.  That focal point can be many things (sensory, visual, auditory etc).

Why would you want to meditate?

Mental clarity- take a break from all the “to do’s,” and worries.
Being more present in life- life is more full and enjoyable
Decrease stress and overwhelm

When you do a walking meditation you can focus on:

  • Your steps: how your feet feel as they touch the ground. The sound of the steps
  • How your body feels overall being immersed in nature
  • What you see- trees, sky….

Pick a focal point and don’t try to focus on them all at one time. Pick one focus that you are drawn to and try it! Walking meditation is a wonderful way to enjoy being outside and quiet your mind. I really enjoy this time of year with the crisp air. Don’t you? 

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