Preventative Care? Wellness is better….

Preventative Care? Wellness is better

Preventative care, is doing things (therapies, lifestyle practices) to prevent injury and disease. What I don’t like about the word preventative, is that it is still focused on what you don’t want…..I like the word wellness.  

I like the idea of doing “things” that make you feel good now but can also tell that it is accumulating over time. I like the idea of doing things not only because of pain, but treating yourself and caring for yourself way before that.  Even though pain and tightness can happen which is essential to treat, it is also good to treat your body when you feel a little hint of something starting…a twinge, a slight tightness.  It is also great to treat tight areas that aren’t in pain at all.

This is all part of my whole “self care/self treatment/Myofascial Release/wholistic living” thing I commonly talk about.

Some come to me for Myofascial Release when they are in pain. Many wait until things are really bad. Some come for an occasional maintenance treatment. Some come to further their already active lifestyle with more flexibility and motion creating even better performance in whatever they do.
Of course many/all walk away with knowledge to self treat with “self Myofascial Release,”stretch properly and effectively and hopefully create easy and great habits of self care.

So I much rather think of furthering wellness as opposed to preventative care. Are you in need of some further wellness? Feel free to call…..


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