Embrace the Healing Process…..

 Embrace the Healing Process…

The understanding of a healing process is not singular to Myofascial Release. It is understood in many wholistic forms of therapy. Wholistic is taking a step back and looking at the big picture. Knowing that you as a whole is just that, a whole and not parts that are unrelated. This intertwines with your whole life.

The healing process is not linear….

Meaning you don’t always get better and better one step at a time.  It is more like waves and spirals, things change and move, and overall change is GOOD!

So I tell everyone who I treat for the first time that you could be sore or flared up later that day or the next after treatment. Not everyone experiences this but it is a good thing to know in case it does happen.  This same thing can happen during the course of many treatments. As things change and shift, restrictions are released and you are feeling different and discovering how your body feels and moves in this new found freedom.

I want to put this in perspective for you. I call it the closet metaphor:

Let’s say you have a messy closet with lots of stuff unorganized and piled up.  You want to clean it out but you have company coming over so you just shove the last few things that are hanging around into the closet and shut the door quick! No one wants an avalanche right before hosting a party.
On the outside, the closet looks neat. All appears well but, underneath the surface it is not. No one can see inside and that is a good thing temporarily while you are entertaining.  

The next day, after having company, you have time to clean the closet. The best way to do that is to take everything out, lay it out, rearrange things, get a good look at what you have, maybe throw some things out, and add some new shelving even, and then piece by piece put it back into the closet.
So if a friend came over in the midst of this cleaning process, they might say
“WHOA, what a mess! What’s going on here? “

You say “Well just wait, I am cleaning out the closet and it is going to look and function better then ever when I am done! Come back in a few hours, you will see!”

(Note: I am not the best story teller or metaphor creator, but I am very visual as most people so I hope it helped! Hopefully next time the metaphor will be shorter, and so will this note.)

In the midst of a healing process, it can sometimes seem chaotic…

…but it is best to look at the big picture and not just a small snap shot along the way.

Treating the cause of pain is a process that is sometimes chaotic, sometimes calm, sometimes fast moving and sometimes slow. Overall change is good. As areas that have been restricted for a while get released, your body has to readjust to the new found movement and freedom. Sometimes areas that are less tight might come to the forefront of your sensations.  Sometimes you feel more aligned, yet areas are sore. There are many possibilities and everyone is different. Not one of us has functioned and moved about life the same way as any other.

This non-linear healing process is common in many things we do, for example:

  • Working out: we get sore after a workout as our body is adjusting to change.  
  • Changing a habit: Can seem hard until we are used to it.
  • Doing a Detox: When you begin a detox, your body is cleaning out/releasing everything it was holding on to and you are flushing it out. Sometimes you feel not so good the first day or two.
  • You decide to stop eating chocolate every day (how dare you). The cravings can be intense for a few days to weeks before it feels normal not to have it as often.  

The great thing is that during the healing process MANY things are happening. Some of these things are:

  • Your body is releasing restrictions
  • You gain more sense of body awareness
  • You are getting used to new found alignment in how you walk around and function in everyday life.
  • You might start to notice how you move through daily activities and modify things that don’t feel good.
  • Certain areas that are no longer restricted change how every thing else in your body feels.
  • Certain areas of your body might get sore or flared up as you adjust to the changes.
  • Insights can occur.

And the list can go on.  

I know that when you are in the middle of a healing process, it is not always easy to recognize.  Also we don’t always fully embrace the process. I know because it took me some time to flow with it, and my understanding deepens and deepens. Also sometimes we forget how far we have come.

Not everyone will love MFR or the healing process, but I wanted to open the door to understanding of how the healing process really is.  Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. I only facilitate your body’s natural healing process with the work I do, which is why I love it!

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