How often do you take a Deep Breath?

We all know how to breathe, but how often do we take a deep breath?

Deep breathing has profound effects on our mental clarity, gives us more energy, and also is our direct route to relaxation.  Most of the time we are using a small amount of our lung capacity, breathing shallow into just the very top our chest.

Let’s do some guided deep breathing!

First, get into a comfortable position whether we are standing sitting or lying down.  If you have an option, lay on your back with your whole body relaxed on a comfortable surface or sit tall feeling your spine tall and relax your shoulders. Place one hand on your chest and another on your belly button.  Now bring your focus to your whole torso and relax your stomach.  Let your stomach stick out, nice and relaxed.

Like a water jug filling from bottom to top, Inhale through your nose and direct your breath all the way down to your bottom hand first.  Continue to fill up and expand the middle of your torso, then to your top hand on your chest and all the way up to your collar bones.  Your belly should expand and puff out while you inhale.

Now let your breath float out on the exhale. You hands help you feel the rise and fall of your breathing.  Do this a few times.   Go at your own pace. If you have never done this before, take it easy. Don’t try hard to get the breath in. Just do what feels comfortable and as you practice this, you will feel your breathing get easier and deeper.

This can be done anytime and anywhere while you are living life. You can also do a period of deep breathing as a way to have a moment to yourself to meditate and decrease stress.  It is also a wonderful way to fall asleep.  Once you start deep breathing on a regular basis, you might notice that even your unconscious breath is deeper then before.

Deep breathing is a foundation tool in your arsenal of wellness.  It can be the pathway to increased body awareness and directly affects your body’s capacity to relax.  It is so simple yet so profound.

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